*Note: This blog is intended for couples looking to achieve the whimsical, fantasy, romantic look similar to what my husband and I went for. Of course, there are many different looks you can aim for during your session, so if what we did isn’t for you.. then don’t follow it! Be you, but hopefully this is helpful to those looking for the same vibe.

One of the favorite parts of my job is getting to help couples find their “vibe” and putting together a photoshoot that represents them. A common look - and one that I LOVE - is a more whimsical and fantasy type couples photoshoot. This blog will help give you some tips and tricks to achieve a similar look to what my husband and I did for our lovely session with Shelby at Thistle + Wood Photography.

1. Location:

+ Pick something that FITS YOU! For us, we love to be adventurous and go all in! So driving to North Carolina to go frolic in the mountains of Asheville was right up our ally. I would recommend looking into local mountain tops, waterfalls, wildflower fields, beaches, or whatever else feels like y’all. We are so blessed in Georgia to have all these be options to pick from!

+ For selecting your location I would also recommend making an ADVENTURE out of the experience! This might not be how every photographer views their sessions, but for me and my couples I love making it a memorable experience to go with awesome photos we capture together.

Often those memorable experiences can’t happen “quickly after work”. Its worth setting the time aside for this, and often the hike or the drive is 100% worth it. We took a road-trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains and made a whole day out of it!

2. Outfits:

+ Colors/patterns: I typically recommend to keep it simple! In my opinion, simple outfits photograph better andreally let you and your love shine. It gives the "not trying, but actually trying" vibe seamlessly. Another tip is avoiding when outfits start getting too “matchy-match” because I feel it can also distract from you. The guideline I give my couples is to keep it neutral and limit one pop of color or pattern to ONE piece of clothing for the ENTIRE ensemble. That should also help you avoid clashing patterns and looking too “busy” in your photos - YIKES!

With that being said, there is no need to avoid color and patterns all together! If you normally wear patterns and colors, then I say go for it! Especially in an urban setting - it looks super cool.

+ Multiple outfits: My couples have the option of changing into two outfits for their session. To best utilize the two outfits, I always recommend one outfit being more cute and casual, and one more dressy and whimsical. Think of one being cute, snuggly, with piggyback rides and lots of laughter, and the other being epic, romantic, whimsical, and tender. For our session, our first outfit we wore band tees from the band we met through paired with jeans, and a long flowing dress and button down shirt to elevate us for our second outfit. The contrast helps gives you a variety of looks for you to pick from and play with. But ultimately make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you select because that will read all over your face and in your body language.

+ EPIC. FLOWY. DRESSES. - If you have looked at my photos ever you might have noticed I am slightly obsessed with long, flowing dresses and an epic background! If you are like me and want that fanciful vibe check out Lulu’s.com. That is where I got my dress, and many of my couples have as well! They are reasonably priced and great quality! In selecting your dress, you want to look for a dress that has a LOT of fabric on the bottom so we can flip and swish it all around during your session.

3. Hair/makeup/accessories:

+ For hair and makeup to look amazing in photos, you are going to need to do more than you think. I know that is probably a bummer to hear cause that means more time and effort, but to be honest you are only doing this once and it is worth it! An easy and quick addition that takes your look to the next level is a pair of fake lashes. It adds that extra little something and really pops in photos!

Also, if you do not feel confident in your skills, I would encourage you to either ask a friend who is really good or hire a professional! It is worth it and honestly makes a huge difference in your photos! But again, make sure you still feel YOU and comfortable!

+ Accessories: if you normally wear a hat, then bring a hat! If you don’t normally wear a hat but have a cute hat, then bring the hat with! Just make sure you are confident and feel like YOU! Are you picking up on the theme yet? *wink, wink*


+ Lastly, HAVE A BLAST!!! Remember to be present and in the moment. TRUST your photographer - that is why you booked them in the first place. Do not be afraid to get a little dirty on your adventure. Again, the experienced is worth it! And don’t forget to let your love and connection SHINE. Your love and connection is ultimately the most important part of your photograph - try your best to not be shy in front of the camera, though I so know that is easier said than done! Remember why you are there.. because you are about to marry the love of your life and you just get to spend the next hour or so LOVING ON each other. #bestdayever

All photos by Shelby at Thistle + Wood Photography